Who We Are

We are One of the most advanced food manufacturing and processing plant in Egypt We can process most fruits and vegetables and package it in a wide variety of packaging types and sizes including glass bottles , cans , pouches and drums.

Our products are 100% natural with no additives and are fully approved and endorsed by the international diabetes institute

We specialize in processing ,manufacturing and packing a wide range of products including : Tomato Juice , Crushed , Puree & Paste – Whole peeled, Chopped and Diced tomatoes – Pizza & Pasta Sauces – Ketchup & BBQ Sauce – Guava concentrate -Mango concentrate – All kinds of Juices , Jucies concentrates & Jams – Chili puree & paste – Fresh, Frozen , Dried fruits & Vegetables – Baby food.

We use cutting edge technology to capture the goodness of the fruits to deliver pure products.

we also do private labels upon customers request.

We can process up to 1200 Tons of fresh fruits per day with four independent processing & packing lines .