PODCO Competitive Advantages Reflected on Maximizing Quality & Cost Optimization

Strategic planning

1- Location & Proximity:

The faster the crops are processed following harvest; the maximum the quality of the end product.
200 meters away from hundred thousand of cultivated agriculture land, 35 km from ports, around all suppliers for the industry.
95% of the containers arrive to Egypt Full Load & leave  back empty, which makes low cost of shipping  .

Strategic planning

2- License:

Podco is a Private Free Zone which is fully exempt of all types of taxes, customs duty, no restriction on transferring funds, exempt of most local laws & regulatory, etc…
We have a permanent full license renewable every 10 years, The last updated license is valid till 2026

(Lower Cost of VAT 14% & 35% custom duties for all Purchasing)

Strategic planning

3- Supplying of Fruits:

4- Water Consumption:

PODCO sourcing is based on a robust supply chain mechanism; eliminating brokers & third parties. While buying crop directly from farms & availing all necessary machinery to flawlessly execute .

Receiving area is equipped with two filtering units for recycling the washing water, saving approximately 75% water consumption

Strategic planning

5- Receiving Fruits:

a- Receiving Fresh Produce of Fruits & Vegetables Points:

b- Bulk Supply

PODCO has four receiving Flumes & Washing Lines with pocket elevators; allowing to produce four different fruits at the same time.
Usually in summer season multiple fruits are available in the Egypt market. PODCO has the ability to produce them at the same time .

Receiving area in PODCO is designed to receive fresh fruits & vegetables in bulk form. First bulk system in Egypt introduced by PODCO.
Mentioned system directly effects labor cost/Utilities Cost/Time.
Giving unmatched flexibility in receiving & unloading eight heavy 40” full load trucks at the same time.

Strategic planning

6- Production:

a- Production and lines

b- Extraction

PODCO enjoys the highest machinery brands in the world .
Four production lines and four filling lines; allowing production of 4 different fruits at the same time. While all lines are connected together giving a unique competitive edge, generated from the industrial processing flexibility. Only planet of its’ league in Egypt.
In case of any temporary break down of any section of operating line; PODCO has the capability for switching the product to another processing line .

State of the art high compressor squeezers equipped with conveyors belt for an additional squeezing process.
Re-squeezing the skin and seeds which reflect up to 5% extra fruit juice

Strategic planning

7- Quality & Cost ptimization:

PODCO enjoys the ability to produce & package all at the same point.
Products out of fresh, which is totally different from producing out of concentrates as most players in the world do.
For production of concentrates heated up to 112 C° then cooled up to 30 C°.
For producing from concentrate water is added and reheating the product up to 85 C° then cooled to 25 C°.
In producing out of fresh PODCO heats crops once to 85 C°. Thus eliminating a complete industrial cycle, while maintaining the quality of the fruit & addressing the needs of mature markets.

(Lower Cost of Production @ TOP Global Quality Standards)